Weaver's Snack Sticks

The Daniel Weaver Company is the oldest commercial manufacturer of Lebanon Bologna and is nestled in picturesque Lebanon County Pennsylvania. In the late 1800’s Daniel Weaver dreamed of manufacturing a smoked beef that would “keep” without refrigeration. His persistence and commitment to quality led to a successful process. In 1885, the company was born and we have been making quality smoked meats ever since. Our products were hung in authentic wooden smoke houses on our property and each one of our original 21 smokehouses could hold over 10,000 lbs of meat. One of these original smokehouses still stands on our property today and is a constant reminder of our history and our dedication to quality and great taste.
The Daniel Weaver Company is still at the original Lebanon location and produces millions of pounds of smoked meats every year. Our smoke houses are state of the art and we still use real wood smoke on our meats. That same quality goes into every batch of delicious snack sticks we make. When you bite into one of these delicious meat treats, know that over 130 years of smoked meat experience went into delivering this exceptional snack.